San Francisco, CA, USA

Emerging Enterprise Strategies for Managing SaaS Sprawl

According to Gartner, SaaS remains the largest enterprise cloud market segment and is forecasted to reach $122.6 billion. Demand is driven by IT and line-of-business initiatives to address constantly changing market forces. Specific spikes in demand and adoption for SaaS are occurring around applications that enable automation of internal operations as well as inter-organizational touchpoints -- such as supply chain management.

The benefits of many SaaS deployments have proven to be effective in addressing compelling business challenges. However, the ease of adoption and low initial cost barriers often lead to unforeseen expenses and data management challenges. These factors can lead to complexity and opacity that hinder the accomplishment of mission-critical objectives

Join CDM Media, experts from Torii, and business technology leaders from around the country for a roundtable on how organizations are managing and controlling the rapid proliferation of Software-as-as-Service applications across the enterprise.

Over the course of this roundtable, we will explore the:

  • Strategic impact that SaaS has on organizations' ability to meet key objectives
  • Operational challenges associated with keeping track of all the SaaS applications currently connected to enterprise resources -- including data repositories and infrastructure elements.
  • Financial implications of SaaS sprawl and the imperative to capture a comprehensive picture of SaaS exposure from a cost, risk, and performance management perspective.
  • Technology management principles and tools that enable organizations to put governance, control, and cost-management guardrails around enterprise SaaS investments.



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